unfinished dreams make wonderful stories

One of the things I hate the most is waking up in the morning and feeling as if there is something I’m supposed to remember. Though I make notes to myself before going to sleep.

(Here’s a picture of the back of my mini planner. This is where I put post-its of the stuff I need to accomplish before going to bed. Aaaaargggghhhhhh)

Going back to what I was saying, there are a lot of times recently that I need to wake up before I’m ready. (Sounds familiar?) So, what happens is that I’m left with brief scenes that make no sense. Faces with no names. Stuff and places that seems familiar but I can’t quite reach far enough in my memories to identify them. I can hardly express how frustrating it feels.

The good thing about this, however, is that these unfinished dreams give me a starting point – somewhere along the lines of which maybe I can finally fulfill my dreams of being a writer, creator, director, author and all that.

Note: The following posts were inspired by these dreams. Although some may seem like mere rants, all of these are important to me. These are also the notes-slash-posts that survived the spring cleaning that I gave my phone before  the start of classes a month ago.


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