echoes of pride

It is during the hardest days that I realize the truest things. That I chose this life, this course, not because of some noble quest for truth or a quest for financial gain and achievement.  I chose this course mostly because it is my way of saying that I can still find a way to run. That by keeping myself busy, I can lose myself once again. I can go to place where I hold responsibility only for myself. That when I fail, the repercussions are so weak that only I can feel the pain.

But in spite of all these hardships, this is still a place where every day can become a new beginning and somewhere that I can be who I really am. Or not. It is here that I have a choice in the things that affect my life and not some st*pid set of expectations that I’m never gonna live up to, hard as I try.

So if you ask me if I regret coming here, well… Let’s just say there is no easy answer.  Maybe, I’ll find another way to run away and we’ll never have to cross each other’s paths ever again.


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