No to attention

I don’t like ATTENTION. The word itself is suspicious. It sounds like “tension” but doesn’t look like it. It’s like a creaky old floor where you’re bound to slip any moment. Like there’s something wrong with it that you can’t quite place nor see at first glance. Tricky, tricky, tricky. ATTENTION’s root word – attend – feels like it is ordering  people around which is something I don’t like either.

I am content in the shadows, seeing the things I have worked hard for blooming and becoming real. I love the feeling of knowing that although I am invisible to most, there is a part of me, a contribution from me in the work that they are seeing and admiring.

I believe that real life happens in the sidelines. To those people who take what life gives them and lives with it. To those who wouldn’t fight tooth and nail for things that they can’t have. To those who let others make them the stepping stones so that the world can have its difficult but necessary change. I live for these moments – when the seemingly minor characters finally have their spotlight and become recognized for the hard work that they have done, without which the famous cannot exist.

I am Camille and this is my blog. I write for myself and for the people in the shadows. May the odds be ever in your favor!

(Copyright of last sentence: Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games)


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