feeling alone in a crowded place

I AM SAD. Despite having all these friends who come to me with their problems. Even if I can laugh along with all the jokes that other people make. Even though I giggle most loudly in class. Pffffft. There are days when I realize that I don’t have someone to confide in. There isn’t one person whom I can tell how I really feel. I want to tell someone that yes, I feel like crap today. But between proving to the world that I deserve to be where I am now and struggling to survive from day to day – there seems to be no more time left to look  for the person who might be what I am to most people I know.

I am the world’s oldest sister. You come to me with your boyfriend troubles. You tell me what you and your best friend has fought over. I hear and I listen. I look and I see. But what of the days when I no longer know what to do with my life?


2 thoughts on “feeling alone in a crowded place

  1. Thanks b2tb. The last days of school are really stressful and it doesn’t help that I barely have time to bond with my family and friends. Though I know there are lots of people out there who have problems that are way worse than mine, knowing this is so doesn’t make it hurt any less. But I’m hanging on. o_O

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