It’s realizing that after all these years, I will always be nothing but a disappointment in your eyes. That whatever I do, no matter what other people think or say about me, I am NOTHING.

I try and try. Everyone else around me sees and feels how hard I’m working for everything. I don’t even have time for myself. There are days when I just break down and cry because of how tired I am. But do I complain? Do I stop working? NO. I just keep on doing what needs to be done because there’s a part of me that’s still hoping that one day you might just learn how to appreciate me.

I don’t pretend to understand why or who you are. But you can’t and shouldn’t judge me either. The things you choose to see will never show who I really am and what I’m capable of.

I love you. But sometimes, you hurt me so much that I forget that you love me too.


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