Yawn. Another way to hide the feelings you really want to feel.

She looked up to see if the stars were still shining.

Gazing up at the skies has always been comforting. But tonight, the sky is darkened by enormous storm clouds and brightening up only momentarily because of the lightning. The night is not friendly. The stars refuse to show themselves, afraid of being blown away. If the stars are scared of a night like this, what more of little girls like her? Too exhausted to write, too sad to cry – she turns around to see if anyone is looking.

The sound of thunder snaps her out her reveries.

Alone. There is no one around to see the shaking that starts from her shoulders, no one to hold her tight. No one is there to count and wipe away the tears that fall in rhythm to the silent tapping of the raindrops in her bedroom window. In a world brimming, overpopulated by millions of people, who would think that it is still possible to feel alone?


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