Tweets that didn’t get published because I don’t have wifi on my phone

  • That moment when you realize that nothing you ever do will ever fucking matter. He will never see the reason why you stayed awake all those nights. He will never appreciate all those sacrifices you made. NEVER. I will always be second place in a world where only the first, the best and the ruthless are loved.
  • Fighting to drown out all sounds, all emotions. Stopping the tears that threatens to fall faster than the rain dropping from the dark and gloomy sky. Trying to appear strong and unaffected. Failing miserably. Just pretending to sleep.
  • Rain is one letter away from pain.
  • People ask me why I always look down on myself. Why I think that the things I do are never, ever enough. Why am I a workaholic? What motivates, drives me to do what is sometimes way beyond my duties and responsibilities. Well here it is. 😥
  • I just want to go home. Shut myself inside the bathroom. And cry.
  • You will never know the depth of pain a simple introduction makes. The longest seconds of my life are spent waiting for the next word – a simple affirmation of the things I did achieve. Forget my mistakes, whatever they are and simply be proud of who I have become and what I stand for. But it never came.

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