Almost there

Be afraid, be very afraid.

We are dubbed as having the easiest course of all. If you can sing or dance, you will pass. If you are physically attractive, then you will pass easily.

What a joke.

If you think that these are all it takes to be a CA student, then think again.

Examine our curriculum and see that it requires students to perform well both academically and socially.

You cannot live at the library alone. You will have to venture out and explore the world, whether you want it or not. You will meet all sorts of people, pleasant and otherwise and you will need to be able to work well with all of them.

You will not only watch the discoveries and creations of others, but make your own as well. This is one of the hardest parts. Every paper is like a child you bear for nine months (though usually, you only have one week or even just one night to labor through it). Every story comes back to haunt you. Every decision, every word – anything you do can spell your doom.

Hell week is not real.The reality is that it will be hell all semester, all year.

You will find your limits.And learn to go beyond them.

You will find your weaknesses. And hope to lose them.

Weekends do not exist. Neither does free time.

This is the only way to survive.

All  for the price of …

A few claps and cheers after the final project.
A single sheet of specialty paper called diploma.

Four years of staying awake.

Suddenly –
everyone in your family has grown old
your friends have children
you have gained and lost a million pounds
you’ve read and written more than a million words.

But the hardest part  is that no one appreciates, understands how hard it really is. 


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