Man cannot live alone. We are born, we are created by the fulfilling, lasting love of two individuals we know as our parents or the quick flame of a passion that spans the night. Every day we walk the face of the earth, a thousand encounters occur, each with the potential to begin a new story, a new life. But beginnings are not the reason that I am writing to you tonight. Rather, it is the suspected beginning of an end.

You see, as we let people get closer in our lives, the larger a space they occupy in our hearts. Witness to the hundred variations of a smile, audience to the minute variations in the pronunciation of each word we utter, the people we are most often with shape and influence our lives in a way we never think possible. As they memorize the way we think, they … begin to exert a greater pull on our hearts, our lives, our time and our minds. So when these people hurt us, we are hurt very deep. A pain beyond words that leaves a person glassy eyed and vacant minded for hours on end – simply because our minds refuse to believe what the heart is already feeling – that we are left behind, plain and simple for something, someone that they perceive to be much better,.

More than the blinding loneliness that comes from being left behind is the betrayal – the realization that it doesn’t matter how much you have trusted this person, nor how far you are willing to go to make them happy. It simply doesn’t matter. What is gone, is gone.


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